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Status Updates posted by Atraxo

  1. Wir haben die Drachenarena Dominiert! 👑


  2. Just play Kingdom vs. Kingdom in Lords Mobile

  3. Just played Dragon Arena in Lords Mobile. I was very positively surprised.

    The advantage is that you don't get troops dead and you don't need any resources to heal them.

    I'm sure I'll take part with my team again.


  4. Willkommen auf der Guide for Lords Mobile Webseite 😉

  5. Willkommen auf der Seite. Falls ich dir bei etwas helfen kann. Sag einfach bescheid.

  6. Willkommen auch hier 😉

  7. Playing Kingdom vs Kingdom whit my Guild

  8. Welcome to Guide for LM 🙂

  9. Prepare the web page for the update.

  10.  KvK Live Stream on YouTube and Twitch.

  11. Perform tests on the Web page

  12. Work currently on the website.

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