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    Vergeway FAQ

    1 Q: How do I get cards for the Vergeway? A: You can get cards by challenging Verge stages, opening Verge Chests, and from stage clear rewards. 2 Q: How do I unlock Verge Chests? A: Clear Chapter 1 Stage 3 in the Vergeway to unlock Verge Chests. 3 Q: How do I upgrade cards? A: Use duplicate cards to upgrade cards. More duplicate cards are required to upgrade cards at higher levels. Upgrading cards will increase their attributes and grant the corresponding Turf Boosts. 4 Q: Is there an Aether limit in stages? A: Aether is required to summon cards, and there is no Aether limit in stages. Aether will recover over time, and can be obtained by killing enemies in the Verge. 5 Q: How many stages are there in a Chapter? Are there any restrictions? A: Each chapter consists of 15 stages. Each stage lasts 3 minutes. You will fail a stage if you do not fulfill the victory conditions during the time limit or if you quit in the middle of a stage. Once cleared, you cannot challenge the same stage again. 6 Q: Are any resources required to enter Verge stages? Can we retry stages? A: Resources are not required to enter Verge stages. You only need to select cards based on the enemy lineups. During the stage, you may pause to retry or quit the stage. You can keep retrying stages until you clear them. Once cleared, you cannot challenge the same stage again. 7 Q: Why are my guildmates getting more card types than me? We're opening the same Verge Chests! A: The more Verge stages you clear, the more card types will be available. You can check the Verge Chest info page to see what cards are available in your current pool, and the cards that will be added after you clear the next stage. 8 Q: Is research required to obtain cards like Verge Soldiers and Verge Towers? A: You do not need research to obtain any cards used in the Vergeway. You can get cards from clearing Verge stages. Upgrading cards will give permanent Turf Boosts. 9 Q: What is the max level for Verge cards? A: The current max level is 15. Once a card reaches max level, they will be converted to Verge Shards. Shards can be used to upgrade cards. 10 Q: The Vergeway isn't in my Turf! A: Your game version is outdated. Please update your game to the latest version.
  4. until
    Hallo liebe Freunde, wir starten heute unsere offizielle Partnerschaft mit IGG. Ich bitte euch, wer heute Zeit hat, in den Stream von 19-21 Uhr zu kommen. Dazu müsst ihr auf die Lords Mobile Seite auf Facebook - dort wird euch der Stream gezeigt. PS.: Desto mehr Leute dabei sind, desto mehr Fokus können wir auf unsere Community legen, die Zusammenarbeit mit IGG vertiefen und es warten in Zukunft noch mehr Geschenke seitens IGG auf uns.
  5. Unfortunately this is not a fixed event. The store comes at special events.
  6. until
    Show your might on this ancient battlefield to get your hands on Dragite! In the Dragon Arena, guilds are paired for lvl guild battles. To win, guilds must have the most number of points. They can earn points by occupying Strongholds; when Caravans pass an occupied Stronghold, the guild that owns it will earn a large amount of points! Defend your Strongholds, seize enemy Strongholds, and ensure that Strongholds on the Caravans' paths are yours! Rules: 1. Guilds must register to participate in this event. Only guilds with at least 30 members with Castle Lv 17 and above before the event starts are eligible. 2. You can only represent the guild you are in at the start of the event. You will not be able to participate if you switch guilds during the event. 3. You will not lose troops in this event. Wounded troops will be healed, damaged traps will be repaired, and your Wall will be restored once you leave the Dragon Arena.
  7. [Time for the hunters to be the hunted!] - Forrest A dryad born in the mystical Woodlands, Forrest has always longed for adventure. However, he was forbidden to step outside his homeland due to the dangers lurking outside. One day, while playing in the groves, Forrest caught sight of a fearsome cyclops hot on the heels of an injured fawn. Desperate to save the young animal, Forrest fired a shot at the cyclops with his trusty slingshot, and hit the monster right in the eye. The grateful fawn stayed by his side, and after years of training, Forrest and Bucky - as he named the fawn - are a fearsome duo that will take out anyone who dares threaten their home.
  8. [A bite... just one morsel...] - Fenrir Fenrir was once the leader of a dark cult, a group of men and women who worshipped the Goddess of Darkness. For their service, Nox transform into lycans, wolf-like creatures many times faster and stronger than humans. However, dark gifts come with a dark price: the bestial instincts of the lycans overpowered their humanity, and many of them turned feral. A horrified Fenrir was determined to lift the curse and save his brethren, but many years of effort turned out to be in vain. His humanity hanging by a thread, Fenrir is now driven both by his quest and an insatiable hunger, and will rip apart anyone who dares get in his way.
  9. [Everyone deserves a happily ever after.] - Thalia Born in the Depths, Thalia the faun knew only a life of slavery and toil. Despite the grim circumstances, she remained optimistic and yearned to be free. And freedom came calling when Thalia chanced upon a mysterious book of tales, a powerful relic that granted her the ability to bring stories to life. Armed with this magic, Thalia and the other prisoners fought their way to the surface. The liberated Thalia now travels the world, listening to new stories and writing her own tale. Will she have a happily ever after? Follow Thalia on her journey to find out!
  10. [Don't wind me up!] - Astre Long ago, when the land was at peace, the clockwork dolls Astre and Etoile were the stars of the great North Circus, bringing joy and laughter to generations of boys and girls. But the war came, and people forgot how to laugh. Forgotten when the circus was abandoned, the scared and confused Astre came by chance into the possession of Anderson. The Sage worked to restore her, and even taught her some magic. When Astre was repaired, Anderson encouraged her to seek her own way in the world.Travel far enough, and you may hear folk tell of a strange girl who wanders about the northern villages, constantly asking about a star.
  11. "I may be a thief, but I keep my honor."-Kassim Kassim grew up in a simple village that, year after year, was bled dry by hefty taxes. Tired of seeing his friends and neighbors suffer, he became an outlaw, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. His notoriety increasing by the day, Kassim was soon branded as a criminal by the nobles, and a large bounty was placed on his head. None are willing to turn him in, however, and the common folk have even dubbed him the [Prince of Thieves].
  12. "[Need... more... WATER!] -S.A.M. Long ago, an evil warlock kidnapped a Dwarven smith and forced him to craft a robot soldier. Yielding to the torture, the smith created the Steam Activated Mechanoid, or S.A.M. for short. One day after a rather brutal streak of destruction, S.A.M. was refueled with some contaminated water. Instead of breaking down, the water miraculously caused the automaton to become self-aware. Immediately developing a conscious, S.A.M. turned on the warlock and rescued the Dwarven smith. The Dwarf brought it back to his home under the mountains, where S.A.M. replenishes itself with only the purest spring water.
  13. "Sweet is the scent of blood.'' - Thorn Thorn is a vampire bearing the blood of the first progenitor. Her whereabouts and true identity are unknown. The only thing certain is that she is a lady of rare beauty. Do not provoke her, though, or she may well become your worst nightmare.
  14. "You will beg me for death!" - Tarkus Tarkus was a merciless warrior, feared by allies and enemies alike. He perished in a great battle with his noble steed by his side. When he opened his eyes again, he had turned into an abomination: a twisted, undead mockery of a centaur. Tarkus killed the demented alchemists responsible for his hideous fate and disappeared into the night.
  15. "Life is a bomb. You gotta go out with a bang!'' - Tinkus Goblins employ rather questionable methods to bring smiles to the downtrodden. Tinkus has a cavalier passion for explosives. Coupled with his mischievous nature, this is one Goblin everyone should be wary of; especially when he is in a generous mood.
  16. "Deeproot...protects...nature...'' - Deeproot The effects of alchemy from the war have polluted the forest and the Treants who lived there. Hearing nature's cry, Deeproot woke from his slumber to fulfill a single purpose: protect nature from its defilers.
  17. "Home feels so far away...'' - Coral Hoping Coral could join him on his adventures, Icarus offered her a potion that would turn her human. But she was hesitant to accept it. In her dilemma, the pirates captured and brought her to land. To stay alive, she drank Icarus' potion and thus lost her ability to live underwater. Since, she never stops dreaming of the day when she can return home again.
  18. "'Let the feast begin!'' - Lochfin Over the ages, Merfolks gained the ability to live on both land and water. Born with an insatiable appetite, they feed on almost anything, including humans. The Merfolk Chief Lochfin's eyes are fixed on the cities of Man; he hungers for the taste of Man-flesh behind those high city walls.
  19. "Why do we exist?'' - Icarus Ravens are a rare species scattered across the world. Icarus is a Raven who yearns to meet his own kind. But when this desire destroyed the life of his friend Coral, he lost himself to despair and guilt. Ever since, he soars above the world in search of a way to redeem himself.
  20. "Let's play a game of life and death!'' - Beatrix Beatrix is a mischievous devil with a heart of gold. For that, she was banished by her brethren. Though kind at heart, her thoughts on death and... dismemberment startle others.
  21. "Are Men as scary as we think?'' - Eloise Dragons have long since passed out of knowledge since they lost the battle to Man long ago. Eloise, the young Dragon finds this legend most fascinating. Why do Dragons fear and hate Men so much? To find the answer, she transforms into a human and sets out for the land of Men, with no idea of the dangers that lie ahead.
  22. "Serve me and postpone the judgment!'' - Anaya Bonn After his ship sank, a hopeless sailor drifted at sea, waiting for death. Amid this turmoil, a large ship appeared, emitting a violet glow that ushered his dead comrades to it. On board stands a most bewitching captain. She offered a chance for life in exchange for eternal servitude.
  23. "I shape the world with my hammer!'' - Drumyr Drumyr delights in parties and fashioning beautiful artifacts out of scraps. And so, the Dwarves called him ''Soul Forger''. Despite his remarkable skills, Drumyr has a poor sense of direction. He seldom leaves his kingdom for fear of getting lost.
  24. "Balance is the Way of Life.'' - Rasmus Rasmus is a 20,000-year-old guardian of the Elementals. He shows great interest in the physical realm and spends his life there researching its wonders. As time passed, the disrupted balance between the Elementals troubles Rasmus. To set things right, he is willing to sacrifice anything.
  25. "One-Eye no stupid! One-Eye strong!" - One-Eye Giants live their lives at a much slower pace. A day for them could be a century for the other races. When One-Eye woke from his afternoon nap, he realized that hundreds of years had passed and his friends were gone. He decided he would head to the Human realm to make new friends. In order to fit in better, he traded his long life for a Human-sized body. Perhaps he won't be alone anymore.
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