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  1. "'The world shall burn in eternal darkness!'' - Jonas Jonas lived in a sanctuary all his life, hoping to be its leader someday. But his dream ended when a dark entity possessed his body and destroyed the sanctuary. As a slave to the darkness, he continues to fight this hopeless battle. Will he ever be free from this curse?"
  2. "To regret is to live in the past." - Joanna As a Cleric Hunter, Joanna's duty is to eliminate the beasts that plague our Kingdoms. Her white whale was a powerful ancient beast called Merald. After a long and exhausting journey, Joanna finally found its lair, but was in for a shock. The years has not been kind to Merald, and it had been reduced to a blind and feeble shadow of its former self. Laying eyes on the once formidable beast, Joanna only felt pity. Her quest was over. As she turned to leave, Merald called out and begged her to fight it. She decided to honor its la
  3. [I'll make your blood run cold!] - Ursula For millenia, a primitive tribe of warriors has jealously guarded the Frozen Peaks, suffering none to pass. In the blistering cold and sharp crags, there is no room for weakness and charity, and the sickly Ursula was not expected to survive past childhood. But Ursula stubbornly kept going, year after year putting all of her time and effort into strengthening her body and sharpening her skills. At her coming of age ceremony, she proved herself by being the first in two centuries to claim a bear for her kill. The name of the Berserker is now feared
  4. "Miltina, I shall see you again in death...'' - Shroud Shroud is the second son of the Hailors family and a fearsome warrior. His life changed forever when he fell in love with Miltina, a female Elf who rekindled kindness in him. But their blissful days ended when she perished in a fire set off by Shroud's foes. Torn by grief, Shroud surrendered to Infinity's will for the power to avenge his lost love.
  5. "There's no place safer than your dreams!" - Felicia Pixies are petite, winged sprites with magical voices. Many have claimed to witness miracles after listening to a Pixie sing. Legends also claim that Pixie wings serve as a portal to the dream realm. In theory, it's possible for one to live in dreams. Amidst this endless war, Felicia can't shake the doubt that her reality is merely a dream.
  6. “Finally, a worthy opponent!'' - Cathiss With her beautifully innocent eyes, Cathiss seduces her victims and lures them in for the kill. She treats her victims like toys, finding pleasure in torturing them. She sets out aiming to prove her superiority over the Elves."
  7. "I can smell you!'' - Sparky The Lapins are forest dwellers with enormous strength and an acute sense of smell. They are also worshippers of Apollo, God of the Sun. Hence, their descendants are called the Children of Light. A powerful earthquake ravaged the Lapin homeland, triggering a landslide that threatened to bury the Lapins. It was that moment when, blessed by Apollo, a golden light burst forth from Sparky, disintegrating the falling boulders and debris. Thus, the Lapins were saved!
  8. ''Tattler knows everything!'' - Tattler Tattler spends most of his time at the bar, enthralling the ignorant with tall tales to cheat their money. This was how he earned the nickname ''Trickster''.
  9. "My blade hungers!" - Greta Greta grew up in a jungle where everything obeyed one golden rule - Survival of the Fittest. Faced with the threat of death at any moment, Greta learned to strike before others did. Her movements are swift and ruthless, honed to kill efficiently. Greta's habit of licking the blood off her blade strikes terror in her opponents. No one enjoys watching a savage drink blood.
  10. "Provoke me and it will be the last thing you do!'' - Boom-Hilda Boom-Hilda believes Dwarves are not only strong but agile too. She designed her light armor and crossbow for this purpose, turning the user into both warrior and hunter. Her unyielding passion and temper are the reason behind her nickname ''Tracker''.
  11. "War will doom us all!'' - Joan Joan's mother died when she was little and her father is always busy with war affairs. So she dreams of becoming a knight to stay by her father's side. While sneaking out to the forest one day, she met Spark and Felicia. Together, they saved the forest from an ordeal. Thus, the Pixie queen knighted Joan, bestowing her a sword and shield. The rose symbol on the shield signifies her love for peace.
  12. Please see screenshots for the details. ^,^
  13. I remembered, my first guildmates when i started playing said that she's the best F2P hero there is. Some also says that she might be the best hero even for P2Ps. That's why you should not use your bravehearts until you get the Hero Stages Elite 6 - 12 to 3 stars so you can sweep it and get her to gold immediately. Let's have a walkthrough about Rose Knight and see if we can support these. Her History She was knighted and bestowed with a sword and shield that has a Rose symbolizing her Love for Peace. Battle Skills She got 1 Tactic, 1 Adminstr
  14. Welcome to Guide for LM 🙂

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