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Understanding Rose Knight


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Joan mostly known as Rose Knight

I remembered, my first guildmates when i started playing said that she's the best F2P hero there is. Some also says that she might be the best hero even for P2Ps. That's why you should not use your bravehearts until you get the Hero Stages Elite 6 - 12 to 3 stars so you can sweep it and get her to gold immediately.

Let's have a walkthrough about Rose Knight and see if we can support these.


Her History

She was knighted and bestowed with a sword and shield that has a Rose symbolizing her Love for Peace.



Battle Skills


She got 1 Tactic, 1 Adminstrative, and 2 Logistics skills.

-Her tactic skill that deals DMG to Enemy Troops is really helpful war and rallies.

-Her administrative skill is a big help in Producing Woods. It's really helpful to those who are doing accounts that are hyper in woods production.

-Cavalry HP Boost is really good additiot in one's percentage.

-Army Atk Boost is the best. She gives boosts to all you troops, not just Cavalry. You can opt to use her as the 5th hero when you're doing full Infantry or full Range when attacking.


Hero Skills


Shield Throw (Ultimate) - Hurls her shield at the target, dealing damage and inflicting Stuns for 1s. The shield Bounces 6x among enemies.

Prayer (Active) - Casts magic to heal any ally with the Lowest HP and reduces damage taken for 5s. Restores 5087 HP of allies. Also reduces damage taken by 30%.

Justice Call (Active) - Casts a spell of Protection on All Allies absorbing damage taken for 8s. It can only use at the Start of Battle. Absorbs up to 6025 DMG.

Roseheart (Passive) - The blessing of the pixie queen enhances the Rose Knight's MDEF. Increases MDEF by 300.


These attributes depends on the hero level and the thropies it currently have. Her unique attribute is called Healing Focus. This attribute increases her healing skill's effectiveness


Thank you for reading. Watch out for our next hero on Understanding our LM heroes series. Happy Gaming everyone. 


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