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Background Stroy - Cursed Hunter


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"To regret is to live in the past." - Joanna


As a Cleric Hunter, Joanna's duty is to eliminate the beasts that plague our Kingdoms. Her white whale was a powerful ancient beast called Merald.

After a long and exhausting journey, Joanna finally found its lair, but was in for a shock. The years has not been kind to Merald, and it had been reduced to a blind and feeble shadow of its former self. Laying eyes on the once formidable beast, Joanna only felt pity. Her quest was over.

As she turned to leave, Merald called out and begged her to fight it. She decided to honor its last wish as her blades pierced its heart, a ray of light emerged from the would and entered her right eye. Years of wisdom and power coursed through her, and everything... went black.

When Joanna awoke, she found that her skin had taken a greenish hue. Merald's powers had corrupted her into a half-Beast. She is now torn between her duty and her new existence...

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