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Dragon Arena is coming soon!


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Dragon Arena is a new feature will be added to Lords Mobile in the upcoming update. Who's ready for this new challenge? Here are some key points that you care about most:

New Hero (Another F2P hero?)

⭐️You can use the points from Dragon Arena to redeem a new hero!!!⭐


--- When the event starts, guild members from 2 guilds will be sent to the battle arena (K70) and occupy Strongholds to get points
--- 6 different types of Strongholds, 20 in total, each provides different useful utilities
--- No Infirmary limit. Battles in this event will only injure troops (including Familiar skills)
--- Healing troops does not require resources, only time
--- Troops will automatically be healed when players leave the battlefield, same for traps and wall

Some Sneak Peak from official posts:

Phase one: Preparation

Enter battle arena. Players will be sent to their team area. Players cannot attack or relocate during this phase.

Phase two: Outposts and Transporters can be occupied.

Outposts give a small amount of points and Transporters add to Relocation Limit, which will be shared among the guild. Those Transporters are going to be crucial, don't you think?

Phase three: Fight for all Strongholds

Citadels give large amount of points; Hot Springs increase Healing Speed and Ancient Remains increase Army ATK.

Phase four: Caravan appears

When a Caravan reaches a Stronghold, the side that has occupied the Stronghold will earn points.
If a Stronghold is currently being battled for, the Caravan will stop until a side emerges victorious.

How do you like these? Tell us below! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks about this upcoming event!

Credit to Lords Mobile Official Account


Source: https://www.wegamers.com/lm/post/13196817506492219393


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