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Lords Mobile·12/12 Update Note


Greetings Lords and Ladies! Our royal crew will be working on an update from [12/12/2019 01:00 - 12/12/2019 03:00 (GMT-5)]. The maintenance rewards of 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60 m) x8 will be credited to your account once their work is done.

Update Notes:

The Dragon Arena is an ancient battleground that has recently been rediscovered. Now war rages anew, in a bid to claim the precious Dragite!

Guilds are paired for a 1v1 battle. They can earn points by occupying Strongholds.

Troops will not be lost in this event, only wounded, and there’s no Infirmary capacity limit.

Win or lose, all will earn Dragite, which can be used to claim the exclusive Hero: Boommeister!

(Check in-game for more event details)

# Added notifications for when Familiars' Support Skills (Economy) can be used. You can turn this on or off in [Functions]

# Added Battle Skill-type icons for Heroes, and changed type names (Logistics > When Deployed, Administration > Passive)

# Royal Treasury, Feudal Treasury, and Chalice Treasury can now be accessed from the start of the event

# New toolbar option: Collapse the toolbar into two icons (Mail, Guild, and Collapse icon)

# New Kingdom Map option: Access Kingdom Overview, Army Status, and toolbar icons after expanding view (icon with four arrows)

# New Migration requirement: Must collect "Extra Supplies" before migrating

# Various UI adjustments


Lords Mobile Update 12-12.png

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      Show your might on this ancient battlefield to get your hands on Dragite! In the Dragon Arena, guilds are paired for lvl guild battles. To win, guilds must have the most number of points. They can earn points by occupying Strongholds; when Caravans pass an occupied Stronghold, the guild that owns it will earn a large amount of points! Defend your Strongholds, seize enemy Strongholds, and ensure that Strongholds on the Caravans' paths are yours!
      1. Guilds must register to participate in this event. Only guilds with at least 30 members with Castle Lv 17 and above before the event starts are eligible.
      2. You can only represent the guild you are in at the start of the event. You will not be able to participate if you switch guilds during the event.
      3. You will not lose troops in this event. Wounded troops will be healed, damaged traps will be repaired, and your Wall will be restored once you leave the Dragon Arena.
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