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Awakened Familiars FAQs


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Q: What are the requirements to awake Familiars? 
A: Familiars must be at Elder stage. Talent Orbs are also required for awakenings. 

Q: I've awakened my Familiar but I can't bring it into battle! 
A: You must research Familiar Battle Slots in the Academy to be able to deploy Familiars in battle or station them at the Castle Wall. There are a total of 5 slots that can be unlocked. 

Q: What is required to unlock the "Familiar Battles" research tree? 
A: Your Academy must be at Lv 21 or above to unlock the new research tree. 

Q: Can Familiars join any battle? How many Familiars can I send into battle at once? 
A: Familiars can be deployed along with Heroes into battle, and can also be stationed at the Castle Wall to protect your Turf. You can only send a maximum of 5 Familiars into battle. 

Q: Why do different Familiars require a different amount of Talent Orbs to awaken/upgrade their Talent? 
A: The amount of Talent Orbs required depends on the strength of the Familiar's Talent. 

Q: Are items required to awaken and/or upgrade Familiar Talents? 
A: Yes. Talent Orbs are required. There are two types of Talent Orbs: Bright Talent Orbs and Brilliant Talent Orbs. The type of Talent Orb used to awaken a Familiar's Talent will be the same one used to upgrade it. 

Q: Do I need any new items or materials for technology in the "Familiar Battles" research tree? 
A: Anima and Archaic Tomes may be required. Please update your game to the latest version and head to the Academy for more details. 

Q1: Why is the Familiar info page empty? 
Q2: I unlocked a Familiar Battle Slot, but I can't deploy them! 
Q3: I tapped on [View Battle] but I couldn't see the battle video! I also can't enter Hero Stages! 
A: Your game version is outdated. Please update your game to the latest version. 

Q: I don't have any Familiars but the game keeps telling me to "Update the game to access this feature!" when I'm trying to deploy my Heroes! 
A: The update affects the battle system as well. Please update your game to the latest version to solve this issue. 

Q: I can't check my battle report details or watch battle videos after the update! 
A: Battle videos that occurred before the update cannot be viewed as the battle system has been updated. Please also note that you cannot check details of battle reports that are older than 30 days.


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791464544077/announcements/detail/1599258900438681389


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