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What's a Monster Bus?

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What's a Monster Bus? How can you participate and why is it good?

At a Monsterhuntbus (future MHB) 100 Lords players meet to hunt monsters together and get many gifts.

A MHB is a guildshell that is only filled with players during the buses/events.
The events are usually published in flyer/posters or announcements in line groups.

It is organized by 3-5 people who are regularly in the Monsterbusguild r4/r5. These are also called admin or mods. These admins are responsible for boarding, hunting and ranking of the respective bus.

Important! A MHB is neutral territory! Outside of the bus you can and should of course fight. But if you use the bus to reinforce an opponent who is also in the bus...to attack and to find out his troop count and comb, you will be kicked immediately. In the MHB you meet, whether enemy or friend, to hope for many gifts and good drops together for 1 hour...to talk respectfully with each other. Afterwards you can zero each other again 😜 Whoever uses this situation in the bus to the disadvantage of others will be banned/excluded from all buses. Like leechers also...and yes all buses are connected with each other and share such incidents.

Time to apply to the MHB guild (migrating to a other kingdom is not necessary)

Hunting: The hunter (most likely you) kill the required monsters in the MHB

The mods organize the ranks of the participants: R1 means you have been accepted but not verified. R2 means you have been successfully verified, so you are registered as a hunter. After a successful hunt you become R1 or R3 again...it depends on the organization of the bus.

There are 2 different possibilities to participate in a bus:

1.) Hunter
As a hunter you have to kill the announced requirement for this bus. To register/verify as a hunter you have to send the mods/admins a screenshot of your current MH equipment and the available energy in your bag.
The mods will be announced on each bus beforehand and are also R4 in the guild.
If you have successfully made it to R2 (i.e. you have successfully verified yourself) you wait patiently until all other participants have done so. If the guild has 100 members and no more R1, the leader of the bus will send a guild message, also called Go Mail. Save this message and start killing the monsters.
If you are done with the required kills, you make a video. You can use the app DU Recorder (Android) or the recorder in your iPhone (no extra app needed). This video should be short and include:
- Go Mail
- defeated message of the monsters
- Game profile
Send this lovely video to your admin/mod. He will promote you to R1 or R3. You successfully participated in the bus and hopefully you can collect many good gifts.

2.) Rider
You can't or won't hunt? You don't have the time, the energy or the monsterhuntgear you need for the requirement?
Most buses have limited tickets where you don't have to hunt. You pay a sum of money via Paypal or even buy a bus pass (for special offers ask your admin/mod) and can join the bus. All you have to do is to apply to the guild and collect the gifts.

Why is it so cool?
You can get material for your gear, monster jewels, gems, speedups, rss...all in bulk. Of course you also need a little luck. I personally could get 4 golden terror jewels, 2 golden bee venom, 6 golden halos in buses plus tons of speedups, gems and so on...
Of course you still hunt in your main guilds. Buses are made as an addition.

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