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Vergeway FAQ


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Q: How do I get cards for the Vergeway?
A: You can get cards by challenging Verge stages, opening Verge Chests, and from stage clear rewards.
Q: How do I unlock Verge Chests?
A: Clear Chapter 1 Stage 3 in the Vergeway to unlock Verge Chests.
Q: How do I upgrade cards?
A: Use duplicate cards to upgrade cards. More duplicate cards are required to upgrade cards at higher levels. Upgrading cards will increase their attributes and grant the corresponding Turf Boosts.
Q: Is there an Aether limit in stages?
A: Aether is required to summon cards, and there is no Aether limit in stages. Aether will recover over time, and can be obtained by killing enemies in the Verge.
Q: How many stages are there in a Chapter? Are there any restrictions?
A: Each chapter consists of 15 stages. Each stage lasts 3 minutes. You will fail a stage if you do not fulfill the victory conditions during the time limit or if you quit in the middle of a stage. Once cleared, you cannot challenge the same stage again.
Q: Are any resources required to enter Verge stages? Can we retry stages?
A: Resources are not required to enter Verge stages. You only need to select cards based on the enemy lineups. During the stage, you may pause to retry or quit the stage. You can keep retrying stages until you clear them. Once cleared, you cannot challenge the same stage again.
Q: Why are my guildmates getting more card types than me? We're opening the same Verge Chests!
A: The more Verge stages you clear, the more card types will be available. You can check the Verge Chest info page to see what cards are available in your current pool, and the cards that will be added after you clear the next stage.
Q: Is research required to obtain cards like Verge Soldiers and Verge Towers?
A: You do not need research to obtain any cards used in the Vergeway. You can get cards from clearing Verge stages. Upgrading cards will give permanent Turf Boosts.
Q: What is the max level for Verge cards?
A: The current max level is 15. Once a card reaches max level, they will be converted to Verge Shards. Shards can be used to upgrade cards.
Q: The Vergeway isn't in my Turf!
A: Your game version is outdated. Please update your game to the latest version.

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