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Monster Manual - Saberfang

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DMG Type: Physical

Strong Against: High PDEF

Weak Against: Powerful and unpredictable, the Saberfang will wreak havoc among your ranks. Use magic to bring it down before it decimates your troops!

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      To unlock the army talent, Hoarder needs 64 Brilliant Talent Orbs. Brilliant Talent Orbs can be won in hell events or bought in the shop for real money.
      Level 01: Summons a shield that protects 0.5% of your Cavalry troops from a killing blow when 12% of your Cavalry troops have fallen. (Awaken Talent at Elder stage) Level 10: Summons a shield that protects 7% of your Cavalry troops from a killing blow when 12% of your Cavalry troops have fallen. (Requires Familiar Lv 60)
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