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In Lords Mobile there are different kingdoms. You can move your castle with migration roles. The number of rolls you need depends on the kingdom's Might Ranking.

1. Migration requirements
1.1 If the country of destination is more than 90 days old, migration is unrestricted.
1.2 If the destination kingdom is less than 90 days old but is still older than the player's current kingdom, the player may migrate to the kingdom.
1.3 Players cannot migrate if they have troops on an expedition such as in:

- movement
- exploration
- occupancy
- gathering
- Reinforce someone
- in a coalition
- in rage
1.4 Migration is not allowed during the period between Kingdom and Kingdom [KVK].
1.5 The amount of resources that can be brought into the new kingdom depends on the size of the player's vault. After migration, excess resources will be lost.
1.6 There is no power limit, but the number of migration roles that players need for migration depends on their power ranking in the target country.

Migration Scrolls List

If you fall into the top 50 in your target kingdom, you will need 1 migration role.

2. Migration Process
2.1 If the player's castle is below level 6, you can use the [Novice Relocator] to move your castle to another kingdom.
2.2 If the player's castle is level 6 or higher, you must use the [Migration Scrolls] to move your castle to another kingdom.
2.3 Migration Roles can be purchased from the Guild Shop or Lords Mobile Shop.
What you should keep in mind:
1. migration roles can be purchased in the guild shop or in the Lords Mobile shop.
2. migration may be restricted in newer kingdoms. Players can only migrate to kingdoms where there are no restrictions.
A wandering player will be the last to be placed in the Colosseum ranks of his new kingdom.
4. the reinforcing and stationed troops are returned immediately.
5. all guild aids in a player's original kingdom will be removed.
6. titles awarded by the overlord will be removed after migration.


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