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Hero Skills - Mastercook


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grillroast.pngGrill ‘n’ Roast 
The Mastercook mercilessly bombs and roasts all arrogant imbeciles. Increases Pierce. Deals Physical Damage
crackpoop.pngCrack ‘n’ Pop 
Fires hot sparks at a target, damaging nearby enemies in a small area and inflicting Blind for 8s. Deals Physical Damage
fillet.pngFillet Flambe 
Scorches his target with a jet of superheated gas, damaging enemies in a line 5 times from mid range. Deals Physical Damage
bcken.pngBarbecue Chicken 
Showers his target in burning coals, dealing damage in a medium area and damaging nearby enemies 3 times. Inflicts Stun for 1s. Deals Physical Damage

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